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Your search for Crane Hire is over

Established in 1988 GMP Katsambas Ltd is your solution for any heavy lifting and moving in Cyprus.

Mobile Cranes

We maintain the most updated mobile crane fleet on the island with cranes ranging from 25T to 200T. Our multi-year experience along with the modern fleet gives as the competitve edge to handle your project and give you -the always needed- piece of mind.

Bulk Material Handlers

From 2014 until today Bulk Material Handling is one of our specialty. We are licensed to operate in Vassilikos port and Larnaca port to accomodate any Loading or Unloading of any size vessels. Contact us today and we can help you either hire or purchase a Bulk Material Handler.

Certified Operators and Equipment

In our search for excellence we only employ certified operators for each type of machinery we own. Both the machines and rigging equipment we use are certified and inspected by the authorites and we can comply with every Health and Safety regulations your project has. 
  • Bulk Material Handling for Loading / Unloading Vessels

    Since 2014 we have processed an array of materials including clinker, silica sand, grains, feed wheat, RDF Bales and more.

  • All over Cyprus Where our clients needs us

    We are based in Paphos and Vassilikos so we can cover any distance needed to get to where your project is located.

  • Always looking out for your Safety

    With Certified mobile crane operators and rigging equipment we make sure each job is executed with precision and safety.

  • Because Experience Matters

    Our crew is the most experienced personel in operating Bulk Material Handlers in Cyprus and will provide total piece of mind.

Because Experience Matters

Servicing the industry for more than 20 years
GMP Katsambas Ltd was established in 1988 as a construction company and since 1994 we entered the crane hire sector in Cyprus. At first our operations were restricted mainly in Paphos area but since then we expanded our fleet and operations to cover Limassol, Nicosia and Larnaca. Further expanding our scope of operations in 2014 we entered a deal with Vasilikos port to handle  Bulk Material loading / unloading in vessels and we are now licensed to operate both in VCW port and Larnaca port. 
Projects Excecuted
Clients Serviced
Vessels Processed
Locations Reached


Paphos Main Office

Our main office is located in Paphos along with a crane depot servicing the needs of the area.

Vassilikos Area

Cranes and Bulk material handlers depot. Vassilikos is the perfect location for servicing a wide area covering Limassol, Larnaca and Nicosia.

Do you have Questions;

Here are some of the questions we frequently get. If you have another question for us please use the form to the right and send it to us.

I am not technical but i want to hire a crane, what information do you need from me for a job?

Handling jobs for domestic users is something we do best.
The best way is to give us a call and let us know:
    * the location of the job and
    * the job description

With this information we will be able to estimate the cost according with the crane/equipments needed for the job and the time it will take to complete it.
In case we are unfamiliar with the location, one of our people will visit you on-site to better understand the job and calculate the cost.

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Do you comply with Health and Safety regulations?

Absolutely! We have worked with a lot of companies that are required to comply with Health and Safety regulations.
All you need to do is contact our office and we will forward all documents needed for your registry.
All our operators have valid training certificates and attend all the necessary courses when needed. Our machines are maintained by our service team and have all current inspections and registrations that are required to operate in any project. 

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I represent a company, what information should i send you so i can have a price estimation for a project?

If you are thinking of usign the contact form here or if you like to email us for a quotation, please include this crtical information.

 * Company Name:
 * Contact Person:
* Location of the project:
* Duration of the project:
* Project scope [Description of operations]: 
* Cranes Needed:
* Special Rigging Equipment needed:
* Description of the Load(s) than need lifting/ moving:
       * Weight:
       * Dimensions [size]:    
       * Height of operation:     
       * Radius of the operation [Load(s) max distance from the crane]:

For your convenience if you prefer, you can copy/paste the above list and complete the info in the email you are sending us. 
We will make sure you get your price estimation quickly. 

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Which areas do you service?

Our fleet is located in Paphos and Vassilikos area. We find this two locations to be very convenient for servicing clients all over Cyprus. We can cover short term projects or individual jobs in Paphos and Limassol with no significant transport costs for you but nevertheless we can travel and work in sites located in Nicosia or Larnaca just the same. If you have a long term project coming up we make arrangements to have the equipment available at your site when needed according to your schedule.  

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We will need personnel platforms and heavy transports during our project, can you help us?

We have been active in the crane hire sector for more than 20 years now, so we have created an extensive network of partners which we collaborate with when a project demands more cranes, personnel platforms or special transports.
Our partners are "battle tested" and vetted by us so we make sure that the service you are receiving is the best.
So we are here to help you on any size project with no problem. Just contact us and we can become your one-stop solution for your machinery needs.

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I need a job. Do you hire?

We always have room for good people in our team. 

If you are a certified and experienced crane operator you will be under provision for the first month and then you can take up more rensposibilites. The work environment is friendly but very demanding, if you are up to the challenge contact us for a meeting.  

If you don't have any previous experience with crane operation but need a job, you can apply to be an apprentice with us. For the first year at least you will have an experienced operator as a supervison and you will attent training courses so you can get more familiar with the job. Training new operators is not an easy task but with us you will be the best you can be, with hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge after you pass the learing curve you will be able to get a job anywhere, not just with us. 

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If you need a price estimation or have a question for us you can use this contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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